Tonne Boszorg

Tonne Boszorg is an extremely special Model Preferant mare who was imported to the United States in 2009. Tonne was awarded first premium on nine different occasions at inspections in the Netherlands. She made her ster staus in 2001 as a 3 yeard old. In 2003 she recieved a score of 80 on her driving IBOP evaluation and in 2006 she was awarded the Model predicate. Her success continued with her offspring. In 2012 she was awarded the prestigious title of preferant after 4 or more of her offspring had been awarded ster status or better. Tonne Boszorg has had one son who made it to the very last round of stallion testing, and one daughter who has achieved crown status, as well as several other ster offspring. Tonne is correct in both conformation and movement. She is the fourth straight generation of Model Preferant mares in her stam line. Tonne Boszorg is Fetse 349 by Piter 312.


  • Breed Friesian
  • Year of Birth 1998
  • Achievements Model Preferant
  • Height 164