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Pandora is awarded the ster predicate!

Pandora had a very big day at the Morristown, Tennessee keuring on October 1, 2017. It was at this keuring that Pandora (Doaitsen x Oeds) who was born and raised at Pitch Black Stables was awarded a second premium and the ster predicate. By achieving this title, her dam Nanneke Boszorg was posthumously awarded the preferant predicate making Pandora a full papered ster mare. Pandora was chosen by the owners of Pitch Black Stables to remain at their farm and to be added to their broodmare band because she possessed so many positive traits. She is a tall (and elegant mare with both a good walk, and trot. She has long dry legs, large solid feet, and an upstanding appearance. Her face is exquisite and feminine and she hails from the prestigious Boszorg line.