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We are expecting 4 very special foals this coming season. All 4 foals will be from our model preferant mare Tonne Boszorg who was 8x first premium and scored 8’s for both her walk and trot. Tonne Boszorg also has amazing papers. She is the 4th straight generation of model preferant mare in her stam line (mother line). All foals can be sold with an in utero contract, payments accepted until weaning. Price will increase once foals hit the ground.

Foal 1: Tjalbert x Fetse (Due end of February)

Foal 2: Doaitsen x Fetse (Due mid April)

Foal 3: Bene x Fetse  (Due beginning of May) Foals 3 & 4 are twins implanted into different recipient mares so if you are looking for a pair for driving, what better than twins!

Foal 4: Bene x Fetse (Due beginning of May)

Omen (Sold)

omen keuring 01


Riddick (Fridse x Nanno) has been sold! 066