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Stallion Data Part 1

Stallion Data Analysis

This is part 1 (introduction) part 2 (getting to the data) part 3 (1 single page of analysis) Few things to point out. 1. This is rough grammatically, in format…I am doing this for free and for fun so I am not that concerned about it. 2. Technical writing is dull…especially for the writer, so there is snark, and lots of it…mostly so I didn’t fall sleep writing it. This is just a tiny taste. We have like 8 other parts to write so we cover all of the data in that section of the website. DATA ANALYSIS IS ONLY ONE TINY PIECE OF SELECTING A STALLION!!!! I’m a geek though so I find it interesting. Choose your own path to picking a stallion, and if data analysis is a piece of that process than please use a much larger data pool than I created. I was just trying to give an example. I wouldn’t consider what I posted a large enough sample.