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Every single year brings new and exciting developments to Pitch Black Stables. 2018 may have brought us our most exciting news yet with the addition of the incredible mare Douwina van de Anne Hoeve to our herd. It was a sheer stroke of fate that led us to this incredible mare. We had been quietly searching for the right horse to import. We looked at some very nice horses and with each one, the question was asked, “is this the one you can’t live without?” And each time we realized that the horses we saw just weren’t what we were hoping for. We had a tall order to fill. This mare needed to be full papered, well bred, first premium ster or better, she needed to be an easy breeder, great temperament, a fantastic mover…basically we wanted the impossible. We wanted the perfect horse. At the same time I had begun having discussions with a gentleman in Holland in regards to our budding embryo transfer program, and the development of our young mare Pandora. These discussions led to further discussions on stallion choices, stamlines, keuring preparation, conformation and more. Eventually I had explained that I was quietly searching for a mare but that I just couldn’t seem to find exactly what I was wanting. He laughed, and told me he had the mare that I was looking for but that she wasn’t for sale. He showed me his mare and her linear scores and he was right, he had the exact mare that I was looking for. The one I couldn’t live without. Over time he made the decision to sell me his prized mare and she arrived in the United States in foal to the magnificent stallion Jehannes 484. What an exciting way to start the year!